Students at Roberto Clemente Community Academy host pep rally for Orange Friday

Students at Roberto Clemente Community Academy held a pep rally for FOX 32's Orange Friday!

The school, located in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood, is all International Baccalaureate studies, plus CTE, Career Technical Education, where students can choose study tracks in broadcasting, culinary arts and health care.

Milton Tanko is a graduate who returned to teach in the broadcasting track.

"We're teaching kids the standards of broadcasting, how to work with cameras, how to work with production switchers. They're learning everything about broadcasting and how to project the image of media," said Tanko.

Another graduate, Chef Guyton, runs the culinary program and is preparing students to cater large events. 

"We actually have a couple of events coming up with the Christmas season. We have our sports banquet coming on Dec. 14 and they will be catering for the students, 200 people," said Guyton.

Principal Devon Morales grew up in the Humboldt Park neighborhood and says being the principal at Clemente is his dream job.

"It is not only a wall-to-wall IB school, we have our CTE department, students can come in and earn certificates in broadcasting, culinary arts and Allied health care," said Morales.

Clemente has enrolled about 200 migrant students and is home to the city’s only school-based welcoming center for migrant families.  

"When I was approached about this idea of becoming a welcome center, it was no question that we were going to take this on. We had our challenges, but I’m getting support from CPS," said Morales.

The school is named after the Hall of Fame baseball player, Roberto Clemente. The MLB award bearing the Clemente name is given to the player who exemplifies sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team. Wearing the Clemente name has meaning for students and staff.

FOX 32 was given honorary membership to the school’s Wildcat club, where student members have at least a 95% attendance rate, all A’s and B’s, and no disciplinary write-ups.