Suburban businessman, others help pay water bills of some Maywood residents

A suburban businessman surprised hundreds of Maywood residents just one day before Thanksgiving.

In September, Maywood sent water shutoff notices to 750 residents who because of the pandemic have fallen far behind on their utility bills.

Allisin Johnson and scores of other Maywood residents got some help -- at least $10,000 worth -- from Maywood-native David Scott.

“I’m sitting here blessed and fortunate, and to hear that somebody else needs, what better time than Thanksgiving to give and reach out and do something for somebody else,” Scott said.

Scott knows about hard times. He was paralyzed after being shot in a carjacking. But he’s also had great success as a businessman and leads a group that’s a finalist for a state marijuana license.

Following Scott’s lead, several other Maywood businesses and a church have kicked in another $10,000. And that’s not all.

“We will match what everybody else is giving, so that the village itself is helping in this particular relief cause,” said Maywood Village Manager Willie Norfleet.

Maywood residents in need can apply for the money through the Maywood Village Manager’s Office.

“We’re going to be serving seniors and individuals with disabilities first, then open it up to the general community to apply for it,” said Maywood Trustee Isiah Brandon.

“It will mean a lot for me to be able to pay my water bill, and not have to worry about being in the winter time without any hot water,” Johnson said.