Suburban World War II veteran John Ullinskey passes away at age 98

Suburban war hero John Ullinskey, who would have been 98-years-old this month, has passed away.

Ullinskey fought with the U.S. Navy in the two major battles of World War II: Normandy and Okinawa.

"You would think you were watching a 4th of July activity the way you saw all these blasts and explosions.  But it was no 4th of July, it was the real McCoy," Ullinskey said. "I don't think you were scared, you didn't have time to be scared."

A few years ago, Ullinskey went on an Honor Flight with other World War II veterans.

"We had 90 men on there and everybody, no one knew each other but by the time the day was over you're mingling with everybody," he said. "It's just so heartwarming and each one would relay a certain highlight of their service."

While stationed at Navy Pier, he met his late wife, Loretta. They were married for more than 59 years.

"And the first place we went was the Aragon Ballroom to dance and I bought her a gardenia, cost me a buck, but I says I got to buy her a flower," Ullinskey said.

Ullinskey passed away on March 28.