Suspect killed by police, two victims wounded in hostage situation near Ford City Mall in Chicago

Chicago police said the suspect who shot two people near the Ford City Mall in Chicago's West Lawn neighborhood on Sunday has died.

A SWAT team responded to the apartment building on Sunday afternoon.

Initially, police found a woman, Reshawn Crawford, 48, who had been shot in the neck. The victim's daughter tells FOX 32 Chicago her mother had been in an abusive relationship for some time. Police say when SWAT arrived, the boyfriend confronted them. The suspect was barricaded inside a condo complex and fired shots at police, though no officers were injured.

Around 4 p.m. on Sunday, police reported that police had shot the suspect and taken that person into custody. The suspect died.

A second victim – who is in his 70s – who had been shot by the offender was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Chicago police said the suspect's gun was recovered at the scene.


Relatives are now left to wonder how the couple’s issues spiraled out of control.

One relative told FOX 32 Chicago: "People go through problems in their relationship, they’ve been going together for years."

Police say no officers were shot. The girlfriend and her father remain hospitalized in serious condition. The officers involved are now placed on routine administrative duty. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is investigating.

COPA said that body-worn cameras captured the initial interaction between the officers and the suspect. However, SWAT members are not equipped with body-worn cameras, so the shooting was only partially captured by a Chicago police officer's body-worn camera.