Man found dead hours after SWAT situation at Humboldt Park building

A man was found dead Friday afternoon hours after a police SWAT team cordoned off several blocks around a building in Humboldt Park.

SWAT was called after a man was waving what appeared to be guns as he climbed up and down a makeshift tower yelling racist threats.

The incident occurred in the 4000 block of West Chicago Street shortly before 9 a.m. and closed nearby streets while they attempted to talk to the man. 

Police appeared to have entered the building around 4 p.m. 

Throughout the day, the man waved what looked like guns as he stood on top of scaffolding on the roof. He yelled out racist remarks as well as obscenities directed at police.


Sometimes he waved at people gathered below or used a siren to drown out what an officer was saying over a bullhorn. At times he sat on a lawn chair on the middle level of the tower.

Several flags flew from the scaffolding, including an American flag displayed upside down and one featuring a smiley face. Neighbors said he has also flown a Nazi flag.

"I saw the white power flag up there, it’s just ridiculous," said Abraham Simmons, 43, whose mother lives only a few blocks away.

According to Simmons, the building was used for events and had recently been undergoing construction.

"I’m not sure who owns the building, but clearly they don’t have a problem with the flags up there, it’s like they’re invisible," Simmons said.

No other injuries were reported. The man's identity was not released.