Teacher fears losing job due to Trump's order banning Americans from doing business with Tik Tok

A local teacher may lose her job because of President Trump's war against the popular social media app "Tik Tok.”

Belmary Muniz is among thousands of American instructors who teach English as a second language to children in China through a Beijing-based platform called GoGoKid. 

"During this pandemic, GoGoKid has been a huge blessing for our families and these funds have helped pay our bills,” she said.

But now, she's worried about losing the job she loves. 

President Trump's executive order bans Americans from doing business not just with Tik Tok, but from all subsidiaries of its parent company, including GoGoKid.

“We really need answers from our president and because this executive order is so broad, we don't know what our future holds. Are we committing an offense? Can we continue teaching?” said Muniz.

Under trump's executive order, Americans can be fined up to $300,000 and even face criminal prosecution.

“If President Donald Trump is listening, I would urge him to please think about all us American citizens, all of us teachers that work with GoGoKid. We are hardworking taxpayers,” said Muniz.