Telephone scammers impersonate police officers in suburban scheme

SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE - The Kendall County sheriff’s office is warning residents of an ongoing telephone scam where individuals claim to a police officers and notify them about an IRS complaint.

In these incidents, the individuals call local residents and inform them a “complaint has been filed with the IRS” and that they should call another phone number or risk being arrested, according to a statement from the Kendall County sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office phone number may be displayed on caller ID, a common tactic among scammers where through software a specific telephone number can be displayed, the sheriff’s office said.

IRS complaints are never handled by the sheriff’s office and personal information should never be given out over the phone, the sheriff’s office warned.

Anyone who receives a call or has information regarding the scam is asked to call the Kendall County sheriff’s office at (630) 553-5856