Tempers flare over Chicago school infested with rodents

Cleaning crews are at work trying to rid the rodents--and the rodent droppings--from a Bronzeville elementary school.

Tempers flared on Thursday at Mollison Elementary when security refused to allow parents inside to inspect the school for cleanliness.

"We are working diligently to resolve any and all issues at the school,” said Leslie Fowler, CPS Chief of Facilities.

On Thursday morning, angry parents and LSC members tried to push their way into the school—literally--to join an inspection by city health officials.

When CPS security blocked the door, one LSC member fell to the ground, prompting an angry response from former alderman Dorothy Tillman.

When tempers cooled--parents said all they want is to see whether their kids are safe.

"We want to come and do a full walk through and make sure the school is up to par... and until then we will not bring our children back into this building,” said Yolanda Redman, Mollison LCS Chair.

Turns out the school failed today's inspection -- the second time that's happened this week.

Despite days of intense cleaning, the health inspector still found mouse droppings in numerous areas, prompting third ward alderman Pat Dowell to call for the school to be temporarily closed.

"Because this is really about the children, that the parents not send their children to school tomorrow until CPS passes the inspection,” Dowell said.

LSC members--who are feuding with Alderman Dowell--passed out flyers telling parents to send their kids instead to the Harold Washington Cultural Center--which is run by Tillman’s daughter.

But CPS says no--Mollison will be open for school Friday.

"I've got to set the politics aside and deal with the facts. Your building is safe and your academic progress is important. Come to school tomorrow,” Fowler said.

CPS says the health department will be back at Mollison first thing Friday morning, where after a furious night of cleaning they hope the school will finally pass inspection.