Temps well above normal for December, lingering close to 50s

Will it be as warm as yesterday? No. Will it be cold by early December standards? No. 

Today we open with a narrow ribbon of rain over northern Lake and McHenry counties, which extends north of The Cheddar Curtain.

This is about as far south as the rain will reach before retreating later this morning. The rest of the area will see quite a bit of cloud cover this morning with more sunshine this afternoon-enough to warm highs close to 50°. 

Skies clear tonight and lows drop close to freezing. The weekend starts off on a sunny note with highs in the mid 40s. 

Sunday will be a few degrees warmer despite the likelihood of occasional rain. Let’s see how that impacts the play at Soldier Field. 

A shot of colder air arrives starting Monday when winds will howl too. A storm system still threatens a light accumulation of snow for Tuesday, but right now it looks like getting an inch out of this thing might be a stretch. 

Temperatures stage a rebound by the end of next week. There are no signs of a significant winter storm or any prolonged arctic air.