Tens of thousands of EpiPens recalled for faulty mechanism

Photo via FoxNews.com

(FOX 32) - Over 80,000 EpiPens have been recalled across several countries worldwide because of a fault in their mechanic system, which could cause the product to fail in an emergency.

The company Meridian Medical Technologies, which manufactures EpiPens, issued a recall of the product in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, as well as multiple European countries. The recall has not affected the United States.

EpiPens are used for individuals who could experience anaphylactic shock as a result of an allergic reaction. The product is used as an auto-injector that delivers a lifesaving dose of epinephrine when pressed into the thigh of a person suffering from an attack. 

According to Mylan, the company that markets the device – there were two reported cases in which the EpiPens did not work. The company did not specify if the failure resulted in any injuries. 

According to the company’s recall, the pens may contain a “defective part” that “may result in the device failing to activate or requiring increased force to activate”. 

Patients that have a potentially defective pen can trade their injector for a new one. 

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