'The Hill' tells the true, triumphant story of MLB player Rickey Hill

The life of Major League Baseball player Rickey Hill has been turned into a new big screen sports drama called "The Hill," hitting theaters this weekend.

The film follows Hill's journey to play baseball in the major leagues, a dream that was made difficult because of the braces on his legs.

Hill sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton to talk about how watching his own story on the big screen affected him emotionally.

"When you're looking at your father, your past family life, the history that goes along with this, you wonder 'How in the world did you get chosen to have this film done abut yourself?," Hill said. "I couldn't help but just tear down in tears."


"People call the term 'tearjerker.' It wasn't a tearjerker. It was a heart-ripping experience watching [the film.]."

"The Hill" hits theaters on Friday.