The Music Man now playing at Marriott Theatre

It's a classic musical comedy the whole family can enjoy. The Music Man is on stage at the Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire

Described as funny, warm, romantic and touching, it's the story of a con man who gets more than he bargained for when he visits River City.

Actor KJ Hippensteel plays Harold Hill, a fast-talking traveling salesman who undergoes a transformation.

"A huge transformation," said Hippensteel. "He comes to this town hoping to make a quick buck here in River City, and he gets his foot caught in the door and something he never expected."

Hippensteel said the show's director calls Hill's character an orphan.

"I thought wow, that's amazing. You know he gets to this town, and he never expects to find companionship. That's not something that he even has on his bucket list, and he gets to this town and everything changes," Hippensteel said.

Christine Maylan Perkins who plays Marion Paroo, the woman behind Hill's transformation. She talked about the show's timeless quality.

"I think the score is hard to beat. As the cast was putting the show together, we kept saying it's hit after hit there's not one to skip," Perkins said. "So that's a beautiful part of it. And it's a well-crafted written musical. The leads have a real trajectory and the town, and the atmosphere is rich around them."

The six-time Tony Award-winning musical comedy was written by Meredith Willson. It features one of the largest casts to ever perform at the Marriott Theatre. 

Kai Edgar, 13, of Wheaton, who plays Winthrop Paroo says only the musical Oliver featured a larger cast. Edgar had roles in both. His older sister Kalea Edgar also has a role in The Music Man.

The Music Man is at the Marriott Theater through June 2nd. For tickets, you can call the Marriott Theatre.