'The Nun II' returns for double dose of scares just in time for Halloween

For those already looking for Halloween to return to their local cineplex, "The Nun II" is looking to scare up some big box office this weekend when the new horror sequel hits theaters.

"The Nun II" sees the return of the terrifying murderous monster, a spin-off of the popular "Conjuring" horror franchise. The 2018 original was a massive hit, earning over $350 million at the worldwide box office.

The film’s director, Michael Chaves, sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter to discuss the young actors in the film and how they managed to protect them from some of the more terrifying images in the film.

"You start with just treating them like adults," Chaves said. "You just have a conversation with them about what the film is about."

Chaves added, "The funny thing is, as scary as these movies are, they also have such an incredible fanbase. Some of these girls, they’ve seen ‘The Conjuring’ movies and they’re so excited to be a part of it."

"The Nun II" hits theaters on Friday, September 8th.