The Tourist star Jamie Dornan talks process of playing a character with amnesia

Jamie Dornan stars in the new HBO Max 6-episode limited series The Tourist.

Dornan (’50 Shades of Grey,’ ‘Belfast’) stars as a man who, after a car accident, is left with no memory of who he is – and after following a string of clues, starts to suspect that he may actually be involved in something dangerous.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with Dornan about the new series and the benefits of playing a character who doesn’t (initially) come with any kind of backstory.


"It’s interesting because usually my process when you’re playing someone is you do all the backstory, you try to build this idea of who it is and then you try to forget it all," Dornan said. "But with ‘The Man’ it’s crazy because you’re trying to not allow anything in – but you do know, because you’ve read the scripts."

Dornan said that the final two episodes were still being written when he started filming the series, so he didn’t entirely know ‘The Man’s’ history that would end up being revealed in the finale.

The Tourist starts streaming on HBO Max on Thursday.