'The Woman King' star Viola Davis on surviving in Hollywood: 'You gotta honor yourself'

Oscar-Winner Viola Davis is earning rave reviews once again for her performance in the new movie "The Woman King," hitting theaters on Friday.

Davis plays the leader of the Agojie, a real life all-female fighting unit that protected the kingdom of Dohomey in West African in the 1800s.

The legendary actress sat down to talk with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about the comparisons between surviving the brutal on-screen battles…and surviving in Hollywood.


"In order to survive in this business, you have to have a love affair with the work," Davis said. "Most people who enter this business – they don’t want to be an actor, they want to be a famous actor. That’s going to kill you."

The Oscar-winner added "You gotta honor yourself – in all of it.

"You have to be you – and you have to understand that you is enough."

"The Woman King" hits theaters on Friday, Sept. 16.