Thieves break into Jefferson Park jewelry store, police warn other businesses in the area

Glass stomping thieves targeted a local jewelry store, but now, Chicago police think this was part of a burglary spree.

Roberto Alday was alerted by his alarm company of a possible break-in at his store. 

When he raced to his jewelry store in the 7000 block of West Higgins, he found plenty of broken glass as well as valuable clues.

Surveillance video showed three people bust into the store.

At first, they were trying to break cases with a crowbar and their fists. However, they were unsuccessful.

Eventually one jumped on the glass until it crumbled.

“They destroyed showcases, windows, pretty sad,” said Alday.

Alday thinks the suspects were pros, ready to bag up $5,000-$6,000 worth of silver.

Chicago police believe they were behind other burglaries. 

On West Lawrence and North Harlem, a CBD store had its front window shattered.

“Oh very sad, I didn’t know it was going to happen to me but at one point it happen to everybody like you see on the news,” said Alday.

Like most businesses, it’s been a tough year for this jewelry business. So this is the last thing they needed. 

“With the pandemic and now the looting, it’s tough, it’s tough, but we got to go on,” said Alday.

Surveillance showed the burglars took off in a minivan. 

Chicago police have put out an alert for Jefferson Park businesses to watch out.