Thousands return for Day Two of Lollapalooza

Day Two of Lollapalooza is underway and another 100,000 fans are expected to head to Grant Park once again today.

Massive crowds turned out for Day One as the city hosted the biggest party since COVIDcame to town.

Fans were excited to attend.

"Lolla, it was amazing! Yeah, Chicagoland knows how to do it right. It was amazing," said MaryBeth from Aurora.

Yesterdays big acts included Miley Cyrus, Illenium and All Time Low.


Although some fans never made it through the gates after failing to bring a vaccination card or proof of a negative Covid test from within the last 72 hours. 

Lollapalooza said 600 people were turned away yesterday but they also said 90% had proof of vaccination and 8% had proof of a negative Covid test.

Fans who talked to FOX 32 said they came prepared and left happy.

"We were a little bit nervous but since were vaccinated and everything we felt a little bit safer and I’d say it went pretty well, " said Gabi Arthur who came in from Indianapolis. "We got stuck in some mosh pits which was intense because I was like really close to people. I would say it went pretty well, for the first time. It was fun."

Her friend Camille Hirschfeld said, "I loved it. I had a really good time. It was just good to be here with all my friends again and like listening to live music."

The majority of festival-goers we talked to said Cyrus was the highlight.

"I am not even a pop fan but she killed it," said MaryBeth. "It was great. It was a fun time, great music, good food and good drinks. No complaints at all."

Chicago police said there were no incidents.

Lollapalooza runs through Sunday evening.