Tips on protecting your pets from Easter, Passover holiday hazards

Though Easter and Passover may have a lot of special treats for humans to enjoy, they can be hazardous to our furry friends. 

Many traditional holiday foods and decorations can actually pose a danger to pet health.

One that can be particularly dangerous is chocolates — especially the milk or dark variety, which can be very toxic.

A sugar-free substitute called xylitol in many candies and baked goods can cause seizures and liver failure.

Grapes, raisins and bones round out the list of most dangerous treats for dogs.


The moment after your pet gets ahold of one of these items is critical.

"It's really important for pet parents to understand that while it's not all situations related to ingesting a particular food or object may be dangerous when in doubt we want to be prudent because many of these exposures can be very serious or life-threatening," said Dr. Kelly Cairns of Thrive Pet Healthcare.

As for cats, plants can be of particular interest and dangerous.

Most can cause an upset stomach, but Easter Lilies and other types of lilies can cause acute kidney failure in cats, even just from licking the pollen on the plant.