Travelers lost about $900K at airport checkpoints last year, TSA says

(Courtesy: Transportation Security Administration)

Travelers left behind nearly a million dollars at U.S. airport security checkpoints last year, including about $19,000 in foreign currency, the Transportation Security Administration said.

A TSA report said travelers lost $926,000 at 75 airports in the year that ended in September.

Federal regulators say much of the lost money came from people emptying their pockets for security scans.

A TSA spokesperson said the largest sums were lost at airports in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas and Dallas.

"The unclaimed money found at TSA checkpoints was deposited into a special fund account for providing critical aviation security programs," Farbstein tweeted.

The Transportation Security Administration suggests putting cash into carry-on bags, and reminds travelers who have lost money that they can contact the TSA's lost-and-found office at the airport.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.