Tree housing bald eagle nest in Mooseheart comes crashing down

A giant eagle nest crashed to the ground Wednesday morning in Mooseheart, Illinois, ending more than a decade of great birdwatching.

The nearly 2,000-pound nest was perched in a now dead tree above a parking lot. It was in danger of falling on its own, so authorities took it down themselves to make sure any future eaglets wouldn't get hurt.

Over the years, people came from all over to watch the eagles come and go. Twenty-one eaglets were believed to have hatched there over the years, so the removal of the nest was bittersweet for all.

"The neatest things are when they come and go. When we see them flying in, and we're all standing around talking, and then somebody will yell ‘incoming’ and everybody here stops, and you hear a bunch of camera clicks, and those are the best shots is when you see them coming and landing and stuff," one eagle-watcher said.


"To come wind down with the eagles at the end of a long day, I know I’m guaranteed to see my buddies here and just kind of chat," another enthusiast added.

All the eagles’ fans got an opportunity to grab a little memento, a stick or twig from the nest after it crashed to the ground. It’s a little something to remember their eagle friends by, and now they're just hoping that they maybe build a new nest nearby.