'Trooper in Trucks' program aims to curb reckless drivers in Indiana

Whether you’re driving aggressively, speeding, or talking on your cell phone, Indiana State Police will be watching for you Wednesday … but you may not see them.

At locations throughout the state, they’re putting "Troopers in Trucks" to catch you in the act.

"We did this last year down in Indianapolis and it was highly successful," said Sgt. Glen Fifield with Indiana State Police. "It was met with a lot of positive impact. We decided to try it throughout the state."

Those truckers are huge stakeholders in this program. Fifield said research shows in the majority of car versus truck crashes, the car is to blame.


Fifield says drivers don’t realize a truck’s blind spots or how long it takes a truck to slow down.

Truck driver Arthur Cook, who was behind the wheel with a state trooper riding along today, has been on the road for 45 years. Cook said he has seen plenty of bad behavior. 

"Cars basically cutting big trucks off as they come off the ramp is probably what I see the most ," he said. "It’s scary. I mean some of them don’t know how to drive to be honest with you."

Distracted driving is another behavior they’re targeting today.

Kellie Walsh with the Indiana Motor Truck Association said she thinks the troopers will nab plenty of bad drivers.

"Unfortunately I think we will. But hopefully it will bring about a good result of raising awareness and making those that are caught, think twice. There is no cell phone call, there is no text message, there is no ding on that device that is more important than your life," Walsh said.

Walsh says about 36,000 people were killed on the nations roadways in 2019, the majority due to distracted driving.