Trump's visit to Kenosha further polarizes supporters, protesters

President Donald Trump met with members of law enforcement and pastors today in Kenosha but notably not the family of Jacob Blake. 

Meanwhile, protesters and counterprotesters filled city streets and there were some scuffles between the two groups.

For the most part, the day was very peaceful outside of the Kenosha County Courthouse but there were some tense moments here and there.

Cameras caught the moment a fight broke out between two people in Civic Center Park

Earlier in the day, tense moments took place between Black Lives Matter protesters and supporters of the president. 

John Ward, a Trump supporter, said two Black Lives Matter protesters threw water at him and his wife.

“They didn't like what we were telling them, they threw water in her face, and on me,” Ward said. 

But much of the day was peaceful. People of all ages came to support the president.

“I just want to see Trump! I just, I look at him and say who else can help us?” Holly Tuttle asked.

While others spoke out against him. 

“He didn’t come to Kenosha to help us Black people, he came to stir up the pot,” Natasha Banks said,

Meanwhile, the family of Jacob Blake held their own rally, calling for justice. 

"[Trump] has been in office four years, the foul things that have come out of his mouth have been an incentive for police to brutalize Black young men and it happened here in Kenosha,” said Justin Blake, uncle of Jacob Blake.