UAW president, Johnson rally with striking Ford workers in Chicago

President of the United Auto Workers (UAW) Shawn Fain was in Chicago Saturday to rally with workers on strike at the Ford plant on the city's South Side.

Mayor Brandon Johnson and city leaders joined Fain and striking members of the UAW Local 551 at the Ford Plant on Torrence Avenue where the union president encouraged them to keep going until their demands are met.

"We've got the power," Fain said. "And when we launched our Stand Up Strike, we've outsmarted, we've outorganized corporate America and won a future for tens of thousands of workers. And we're going to keep going until we win social and economic justice at the big three and beyond."

AFA President Sara Nelson, CTU President Stacy Davis Gates and UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell were also in attendance with hundreds of workers as the Stand Up Strike enters its fourth week. 

Fain announced progress with Detroit's Big Three: General Motors, Stellantis and Ford Friday afternoon, but said that they're not where they need to be yet. 

He also announced that GM will include electric vehicle battery production work in the UAW’s national master agreement with the company. GM’s commitment is a historic step forward, guaranteeing that the transition to electric vehicles at GM will be a just transition that brings good union jobs to communities across America. 

The Stand Up strike expanded to 41 Big Three facilities across 21 states. 

Saturdays rally will begin at UAW Local 551 in the 1300 block of Torrence Avenue. Then, at about 3:30 p.m., those attending the rally will head north on Torrence to the Ford Assembly Plant to join the picket line and answer questions.