UIC and faculty union one step closer to resolution

The University of Illinois-Chicago and the UIC Faculty Union are one step closer to reaching a new contract after nine hours of negotiation Friday night. 

About 1,500 faculty members walked out of their classrooms and onto the picket line on Tuesday morning when an agreement could not be reached on a new contract.

The Faculty Union said the University's proposed pay raise was too low and far less than that of faculty at the Urbana-Champaign campus. 

The University said productive discussions were had between them and the UIC United Faculty and both parities agreed to meet again Sunday. 

Though nothing has been finalized, they are working toward a four-year contract. 


UIC’s contract proposal shared during the latest session, which was the 33nd overall and 14th with the mediator, includes:

  • Minimum salary raises 16% to non-tenure-track faculty and 8% to tenure-track faculty (all in the first year of the contract.)
  • Annual salary increases at 19% over the four-year contract (6.25% year one which includes a $2,500 base salary increase in year one/4.5% year two/3.75% year three/4.5% year four).

UICUF’s contract proposal seeks:

  • Minimum salary raises of 20% for non-tenure-track faculty and 15.4% for tenure-track faculty.
  • Annual salary increases at 22% (6.75% year one/5.25% year two/4.75% year three/5.25% year four.)

Many classes have been canceled this week due to the strike. 

In a statement, UIC said: "This work stoppage is disappointing, and not in the best interest of the university or our students…. During the strike, the university is committed to continuing normal operations to the fullest extent possible."

Visit facultybargaining.uic.edu for updates on negotiations