Ukrainian flags line State Street for Ukrainian Independence Day

There are 152 flags lining a popular street in downtown Chicago to commemorate Ukraine’s continuing fight for independence.

The mile long installation on State Street is made possible by the Auditorium Theatre, the Chicago Loop Alliance and the Kyiv City Ballet. 

The dance company has been out of Ukraine since the Russian invasion. They were on the road performing and never returned. 

The flags also symbolize Chicago’s welcome to the Kyiv City Ballet when they perform at the Auditorium Theatre Sept. 24 and 25. Tickets are on sale now.


The dancers have become Ukraine’s ambassadors to the world. Rich Regan, CEO of the Auditorium Theatre reached out to the ballet company, urging them to tour the United States. 

"They left the country the day before flights were stopped from leaving Ukraine and have been without a home since then," Regan said. "They are dancing their hearts out, representing their county."

Supporters want to remind Chicago and visitors that Ukraine is still fighting for its independence. 

Michael Edwards, CEO of Chicago Loop Alliance, said "State Street is an iconic American street and so when people visit, they can see the flags and enjoy being part of the energy for the next month."

Chicago has shown loyal support to Ukrainian people. The conflict is now six months old on this Ukrainian Independence Day.