Ukrainians, Russians unite in Chicago for peace talks amid ongoing war

They are countries at war, but on Tuesday night, Ukrainians and Russians came together in Chicago to talk about peace.

Two natives from Ukraine spoke to a packed room on Loyola University's campus. One was a researcher, and the other a professor. On that same panel was a man from Russia who fled the country weeks after the war started and is strongly against the conflict.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has now gone on for 558 days.

"This is why to stand with the oppressed and against the oppressor is essential. Not only to help others, but also to guarantee the future for all of us," said Hanna Perekhoda, researcher at University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

Ukrainians and Russians talk peace in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Russia is running low on artillery. Now, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is planning to make a rare trip out of the country to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders will discuss North Korea possibly supplying Russia with weapons for its war against Ukraine.

If that happens, there could be global implications.

"Bad news for the United States and it has the potential to increase tension in those regions and internationally," said William Muck, North Central College professor.

Also up in the air is the fate of global food security. Putin is refusing to revive a deal that allowed Ukraine to safely export grain through the Black Sea, saying he'll only restore it if the West meets Moscow's demands. Those talks took place hours after Ukraine reported that Russian drones targeted a southern Odesa port used to export grain.

Last month, President Joe Biden asked Congress to approve $24 billion for Ukraine. Biden's request for Ukraine aid comes as lawmakers face an October 1 deadline to pass a short-term spending bill or face an embarrassing government shutdown.