University of Chicago to offer full-tuition scholarships to students impacted by war in Ukraine

The University of Chicago announced on Tuesday it will extend help to undergraduate students affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

The university's initiative has a four-pronged approach: Providing full-tuition scholarships for undergraduate students, increasing financial resources for current UChicago students affected by the war, expanding fellowship programs for current students who are unable to continue studying in Ukraine and streamlining the application process for interested students.

"The invasion of Ukraine and the devastating humanitarian crisis that is unfolding has many dimensions, including the disruption of the lives and careers of scholars and students who have the potential to contribute to new knowledge that will benefit humanity," University of Chicago President Paul Alivisatos said in a statement. "UChicago is ready to expand admission efforts and support for displaced students and scholars who are impacted by the war in Ukraine and events across the region."

The university did not say how many full-tuition scholarships will be allotted.


UChicago's Center in Paris will start offering in-person and online college readiness support, including a streamlined application process for Ukrainian students who were unable to complete their final semesters.

The university said it continues to work with scholars and scientists in Ukraine under the national Scholars At Risk organization, which helps find departments and labs at the university for scholars facing danger in their home countries.