Veteran-led organization collecting donations for Afghan refugees at United Center on Monday

A veteran-led organization will gather supplies for Afghan refugees on Monday in Chicago's West Loop.

"Team Rubicon" is a national disaster response organization.

They are asking for brand-new clothes (long-sleeved), sandals, toys and cell phone chargers. Thousands of refugees are being housed at U.S. military camps. Most arrived with just the clothes on their backs.

"It was a pretty expedited process. There wasn't much space for luggage. It was just kind of grab and go," said volunteer Breanne Durovic. "Phone chargers are also surprisingly in need because of the different charging outlets that people have."

Chicago expects to receive refugees from Afghanistan over the coming months.

Team Rubicon is working in coordination with the Department of Defense.

Donations will be taken at the United Center, Lot C, from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. on Monday.

They are asking for:

  • Baby clothes (all ages)
  • New modest conservative women's clothing (Crewnecks. No shorts, v-necks or tank tops)
  • New modest conservative children's clothing (Crewnecks. No shorts, v-necks or tank tops) 
  • New modest underwear for adults and kids  
  • New socks for adults and kids  
  • Shoes (new or clean with very little wear) 
  • Men’s clothing (no shorts or tank tops) 
  • Hats for all ages (cold weather and warm) 
  • Newborn hats and socks
  • Diapers
  • Baby food (no glass jars and no meat)
  • Liquid baby formula (not expired)
  • Baby logistics (wipes, diaper cream, new bottles, new pacifiers and spoons) 
  • Bar soap (no liquid)
  • Feminine hygiene products 
  • Towels (new or clean)
  • Blankets (new or clean) 
  • Toys (not battery operated) 
  • Soccer balls 
  • Bug spray 
  • Cell phone chargers  
  • Gift cards and cash (to meet on demand & unexpected needs)