Victims' families attend vigil in Aurora: 'It's amazing how fast things can happen'

Families of five employees killed by an active shooter Friday at the Henry Pratt Company stood outside the work place Sunday afternoon, as city leaders, police and firefighters and community members joined together to pray for the lives lost.

A vigil was held on what turned out to be a cold and snowy day. "When one of us gets hurt, we're all hurt," said Aurora Alderman Rick Mervine.

Mourners prayed together, lit candles and asked for God's blessing for those affected by the horrific actions of a disgruntled employee Friday.

Crosses now bear the names of the five men gone too soon, including Josh Pinkard, Clayton Parks, Russell Beyer, Vicente Juarez and Trevor Wehner. At 21, Wehner is the youngest victim. He went to school with Sue Atwood's daughter. She attended the vigil. "There's a lot of people that are here because of him, knowing him, our whole town is like crushed," said Atwood.

"He was a great person, a loving father, a great uncle. It's a shame, a really big shame that he was taken too soon," said Marisele Madrigal, Juarez's niece.

"I'm praying for America. I'm praying for all these families and I"m praying for the world," said Tracee Lightner, whose sister married into the Beyer family.

For some, the hurt is so deep, it's difficult to find the words.

"My brother, he's a hard working guy. He had a big heart," said Josh Beyer, Russell's brother.

"It's amazing how fast things can happen. I'll remember him forever.," said Juarez's nephew Miguel. 

All but one of the police officers injured Friday have been released. That remaining officer is hospitalized in good condition. Those who would like to send a get well or thank you card to the officers in care of the Aurora Police Department.

Hours after the vigil had ended, people were still dropping off flowers and candles at the memorial site outside the factory to show support to the families who've suffered an incredible loss.