VIDEO: Irving officer nearly hit during traffic stop

A traffic cop in Irving is counting his blessings after nearly being hit by a car while working on Highway 114.

The body camera of the 10-year department veteran captured him diving out of the way of an oncoming car that ended up smashing his bike on July 3. It happened after the officer pulled someone over on the highway near the President George Bush Turnpike.

Officer Sam Hall’s body camera video shows other drivers slowing down because of the police activity. But one driver may not have been paying close enough attention and had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of him.

“As I’m walking back to my motorcycle, I hear tires locking up and smoke coming from the vehicle,” the officer recalled. “And I just immediately jumped over the guard rail.”

The driver then swerved onto the shoulder where Officer Hall was standing next to his motorcycle. Luckily, he was paying attention and jumped out of the way before the car ran over his bike.

The former Southeast Oklahoma State defensive lineman says his old football training kicked in.

“Just kind of instinct to be on the move all the time and your head on a swivel so to speak,” Hall said.

“He was really lucky not to have been hit or have his back turned when this occurred,” said Irving Police Officer James McLellan.

Police say the driver of the Camry told them he moved from the center to the right hand lane when he noticed cars braking in front of him and swerved onto the shoulder.

Police remind drivers to pay close attention to traffic conditions. It’s the law to move over or reduce speed by 20 miles an hour when an emergency vehicle is roadside.

“That’s one of my greatest fears is something like that happening and I’m not able to make it back home to my family,” Hall said.

The husband and father of a 4-year-old received an award earlier this year for helping respond to a fire. Hall says his wife is having the hardest time processing what happened.

“She was certainly sad. She was a little confused,” the officer said. “She was angry, like ‘How does this happen? Can they not see?’ type deal. I think it’s been tougher on her more than anybody.”

But Hall says he understands the risk that comes with the job and is sharing his story so he and others make it home each night.

“I love being a police officer, and I love riding motorcycles,” he said. “I’m hoping and I’m praying that with this being put out there, it kind of minimizes the possibility of this happening again.”

Even though no one was hurt and no charges were filed against the driver, the police department decided to share the video to make a point.