VIDEO: Man goes for cop's gun in courtroom

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(Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)

Video footage from a security camera shows very tense and chaotic moments from inside a courtroom in Oregon.

A man apparently made a move for a police officer's gun in Newport on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

The video shows Scott Patrick Lemmon, 27, getting out of his chair and reaching for the gun, according to the Sheriff's Office. The cop, who was sitting at the same table, quickly vaults out of his chair, backs away and draws his weapon on Lemmon.

A court deputy then slams Lemmon to the floor, the video shows. Another deputy quickly runs over to helps subdue the man.

No one was seriously hurt, authorities said. reported that the judge had denied deputies' request to restrain Lemmon, who was tried and convicted of robbery and other charges.

Lemmon is the first defendant in Lincoln County who tried to grab a gun since a federal appeals court's ruling in 2017 that said judges have to approve restraining defendants brought into courtrooms.