Video shows man saving goose from python's coils

A man in South Africa rescued a goose from the coils of a python, and it was all caught on camera.

Video filmed by Petrus Johannes Stoltz shows the scary encounter on his farm, where he raises zebra, ostriches, antelopes and more, Storyful reports. 

It happened April 6 on Stolz's birthday, 

"Every morning I throw food out for the animals we have here including the goose that was caught by the python," Stolz told Storyful. "I could only see a wing and leg above the water so we went to investigate and found the python wrapped around the goose."

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Stolz said his son has been a professional guide at one of the Big 5 safari reserves in South Africa for 11 years. He's the one who rescued the poor goose.

Not only did Stolz's son save the goose, he also safely relocated the python to a nature reserve nearby.