VIDEO: Teen dives out of sheriff's office window to escape custody

Shocking video out of Wisconsin shows the lengths a teen in custody went to, to escape from authorities.

Investigators estimate the 17-year old fell 12 to 16 feet when he dove head first out of a sheriff's office window.

A camera was watching when he did and the Janesville Gazette newspaper got a copy of it through an open records request.

The paper reports a prosecutor for Rock County says that Quantrell Schwartzlow had already been placed in the interview room earlier in the day after being brought in from the high school he attends.

For some reason, he was taken out of the room but asked to go back in and police now think he'd scoped out his exit strategy.

No cameras caught his landing, but he apparently wasn't hurt. He ran to a friend's house where he was arrested about three and a half hours later.

Authorities noticed Schwartzlow was gone about 14 minutes later.

Schwartzlow was charged with escape for this incident. He has another case pending from August where he's charged with strangulation/suffocation.

By the way, stainless steel security screens were installed over windows in the interview room after this escape.