Village of Robbins to negotiate contract deal with first responders after they refused to work

First responders are taking a stand in the suburbs.

For at least 72 hours, many have refused to go to work. Now, it looks like they will be back on the job by Tuesday.

The problem in Robbins is over contract negotiations. At the police department, they have been working without a contract since last year — unable to sit down and bargain with village leaders. Now, the mayor says that is about to change.

They will bargain Tuesday morning, which is also when Robbins officers are expected to come back to work.

It was Cook County sheriff's deputies that stepped in last Friday night to patrol the streets in Robbins.

At least a dozen officers called off during the "work stoppage" — asking for better wages and more resources.

An "unfair labor practice" was issued in 2019 after village leaders refused to negotiate.


One sticking point is the officers were asking for new bulletproof vests after theirs expired. FOX 32 is told the department received the funds to buy those Monday afternoon.

The new mayor just took office in May, but is confident they will find a resolution.

"Campaign is one thing but when you actually get sworn in and elected into the office, you find out that you have a host of other problems that you didn't expect on the campaign trail," said Robbins Mayor Darren Bryant.

Richard Blass is the attorney representing the union Illinois Council of Police.

"I feel that we're going to be able to balance the needs of the police officers to be able to do their job that I represent. And I'm hopeful that we can sit down and come to an agreement as far as working conditions, wages and terms and conditions of employment," Blass said.

A lot is about to change in Robbins. Negotiations are set for Tuesday at 9 a.m. and both parties seem confident they will be able to hammer out a deal.

In addition, a new police chief will be sworn in Tuesday night at 7 p.m.