Viral video allegedly shows middle passenger reclaiming armrest

With airplane cabin space at a premium in the ever shrinking economy class seat, the battle over legroom has led to numerous reported scuffles.

But what about upper body space? More specifically, who can lay claim to which armrest? On most commercial airplanes, there’s usually just one armrest between each pair of seats— which may lead to the ultimate armrest showdown.

A man who appears to be seated in a middle seat posted a video to YouTube Oct. 20, allegedly showing his fierce but determined move to take control of one armrest.

"The passenger next to me kept hogging the arm rest and did not allow me to place my arm on it,” the flyer posted. “The flight attendants should go over arm rest etiquette on every flight. I think we need to start an arm rest challenge across the nation."

In one quick movement, the man knocks the arm of his fellow passenger off the armrest to his right and fully takes control of the situation.

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