Want your iPhone to run faster? Here's a simple fix

Tired of laggy iPhone browsing? Even the newest models can be affected if users are not keeping phones optimized.

A simple way to ensure a phone stays fast is by clearing a cache and giving browsers a jumpstart.

Clearing a cache moves data phones store to prevent having to download it again every time a user opens a webpage.


Most people only need to clear their caches every few months, depending on their usage.

Be warned: clearing your cache also logs users out of pages.

So, how do you do it?

Freshen up your browser of choice by adjusting your settings.

In Chrome…

Open the app, select the three dots in the right-hand corner to open options and select Settings. Next, go to Privacy and Security and hit "Clear Browsing Data." Make sure to click on "Cached Images and Files and Cookies."

In Safari…

Open Settings, select Safari and find Website Data under "Advanced." Next, select Remove All Website Data and then hit "Remove Now."

In Firefox…

Click the menu in the right corner to open up options and hit Settings. Next, select Data Management and the Website Data or Clear Private Data.

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