Ways to keep stink bugs out of your house

Welcome to October. 

It's time for the leaves to change, and for bugs who winter in tree bark to get a bit lost and detour right into your home.

"When it comes to things that annoy homeowners in the fall, stink bugs are one of the biggest annoyances," said Rebecca Fyffe, Landmark Pest Management Director of Research.

The big, brown insect comes with a bad rep. 

Even pest control experts are bugged by them.

"I was sound asleep, and one landed on my face. I was terrified to have something so big land on my face in the middle of the night," said Fyffe.

But Fyffe says they’re just a nuisance. 

They won't infest your home. They won’t bite, breed or eat anything. And, in fact, stink bugs won’t even stink up the joint. 

"If you smashed a stink bug you probably wouldn’t smell anything unless you then raised it to your nose and sniff it up close." explains Fyffe.


So how do you handle stink bugs? 

Fyffe says don’t use pesticide. 

Seal cracks in windows and screen in dormers and roof vents where the bugs might break in. 

Then, if you see one inside, just grab the vacuum.

"Even though there are special vacuums sold that are bug vacuums you don’t need anything like that you can just suck them up with your regular household vacuum and you won’t smell anything when you suck them up," said Fyffe.

And remember, despite their creepy look and unnerving name, they’re just lost little bugs, who don't want to live with you either.