Westfield Old Orchard to be transformed into a place that goes beyond just shopping

Westfield Old Orchard is about to get a major make-over, announcing plans Tuesday for the mall to transform into a "micro-cityscape" that goes way beyond just shopping.

"We look forward to building something that everyone in this community can be very proud of," said Serge Khalimsky, Senior General Manager of Old Orchard.

A newly re-imagined Westfield Old Orchard will become a "village-within-a-village" over the next three years — surrounding anchor stores like Bloomingdale's with amenities you may not think of when you think of a conventional mall like health and wellness facilities, a grocery store, and even a town center.


"A big greenspace that should be fluid for events, markets, even a future Christkindlmarket or something like that," Khalimsky said.

The plans announced also include the potential for residences on-site.

"Where our guests can dine, hit the gym, pick up groceries, see a concert, even shop for the latest trends," Khalimsky said.

And a community feel, with a park and event space and open-air plaza featuring native trees and what developers describe as paved pathways winding through lush landscaping.

"We are very busy over here and we're excited about all the new things that are coming," Khalimsky said.