When will life return to normal? Dr. Fauci provides an answer

Doctor Anthony Fauci addressed the University of Chicago virtually on Thursday for a discussion on the status of coronavirus in the U.S.

The big question was, when is life going to return to normal?


Dr. Fauci says it depends on a variety of things, but the vaccine is a big part of the equation.

"Whenever have you seen a virus, in which almost half the people get no symptoms and yet it can kill a half a million Americans thus far?" he said.

The answer is never and that's the biggest challenge, Dr. Fauci says, in combatting the coronavirus.

"We've been faced with something that is a very, very confounding virus," he said.

On when life can get back to normal, Dr. Fauci says it depends on several factors.

"How many people are going to get vaccinated, how many variants are you going to have, and then you get to the thing that we really individually don't have a lot of control over, and that is a global pandemic requires a global response," he said.

Dr. Fauci says the U.S. is conducting a study to see if vaccinated people can easily transfer the virus to the unvaccinated. An Israeli study already showed promising results.

"And if in fact we find that, then you're going to see a pulling back on some of the restrictions," he said.

Right now, the White House is committed to making sure everyone has access to the vaccine, Dr. Fauci says. They are deploying the shot to community clinics, pharmacies and even finding ways to bring it straight to you.