Will County man allegedly told police he knew he'd be arrested after beating victim, causing brain bleed

A Will County man is accused of battering another man, causing him to suffer a brain bleed near a Wilmington bar earlier this month. 

Charles Hairald, 49, of Wilmington, is accused of aggravated battery and battery.

On March 1, a Wilmington police officer was informed that a man had been transported to Loyola Hospital after suffering a brain bleed.

According to the hospital, the victim was found at home by his daughter after a fight with Hairald at Route 66 Bar and Grille.

The manager of the bar told police she saw the victim at the establishment around 7 p.m. and left shortly after. She then said Hairald came into the bar around 11 p.m. and looked angry. 

At the bar, officers found pools of blood outside on the patio. Surveillance video allegedly showed Hairald approaching the victim in front of the bar. The victim then raised his arms in a non-threatening manner.

Around 8:42 p.m., the surveillance footage allegedly captures Hairald punching the victim in the face, mounting him and continuing to attack him before kicking him and walking away.  

Police said the victim was unconscious for several moments before three people placed him in a chair. The victim then walked home.

When an officer met with the victim, he observed bruising and lacerations to his face and the victim indicated that he had been drinking that night. He also said that he didn't know who Hairald was.

According to the victim's CT scan, he had paranasal soft tissue swelling, displaced fractures of his nasal bones, rightward deviation of the nasal complex and a soft tissue contusion on his forehead.

A witness told police that he and his wife observed an altercation between the victim and Hairald at Hayden's Crossing, located at 107 N. Water Street, on March 1. According to the witness, both men were asked to leave the establishment after yelling at each other. 

Later that night, the couple was in front of Route 66 Bar and Grille when they allegedly saw the victim approach Hairald while yelling and reaching toward his waist. 

The victim allegedly said he was going to "f---ing kill" Hairald. The witness stated that he thought the victim was going to shoot Hairald.

A worker at Hayden's Crossing also said she noticed the victim was bothering other patrons that night. The victim and Hairald then got into an altercation and were asked to leave the establishment. 

The next day, on March 2, police said Hairald called the Wilmington Police Department and said that he would not turn himself in that evening and that he would wait until Monday because "he knows the game" and did not want to sit in jail until Monday morning to see a judge. 

A Wilmington detective then asked Hairald about his whereabouts. At that time, Hairald said he was not going to reveal that information and that the detective should not waste his time looking for him. Hairald stated that he is "not stupid and not in Wilmington."

Hairlad then indicated again that he would turn himself in on Monday and that he "knows he is getting arrested" for what he did. Hairald then attempted to plead his case over the phone.

When asked to come to the police department to make a statement, Hairald allegedly said he wouldn't do that because he knew he would be arrested for his actions. 

The Will County State's Attorney asked for a judge to deny pre-trial release for Hairald. However, it was not granted.