Will you discuss politics during Thanksgiving?

It has been a year full of debates, arguments and harsh words in 2016 after a contentious election season that has brought along many heated disagreements, unrest and protests.

But with Thanksgiving arriving, families are coming together to give thanks. But will there be any topics your family will avoid discussing during the holiday?

FOX 5’s Tom Fitzgerald went out to Reagan National Airport and talked with people traveling on Thanksgiving Eve about this and some brought up issues such as money, religion and parenting advice as things that they would not be bring up with their family members.

But one subject matter that seems to be unavoidable is politics. One traveler at Reagan told us, "I think that all families should be talking politics at Thanksgiving regardless of whether it's uncomfortable. We're obligated to.”

However, for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, politics will not be discussed at his family’s dinner table on Thanksgiving.

“Well, my sister and I have a strong agreement that we don't talk politics,” Gingrich told FOX 5. “She's very, very passionate for [Hillary] Clinton.”

“Historically we have always been told to never talk politics or money or religion at the dinner table, but I think this year is a little bit different,” said Crystal L. Bailey of The Etiquette Institute of Washington. “It’s on everyone's mind. It’s the elephant in the room.”

Bailey said keeping an open mind on other viewpoints can help you keep things civil at the dinner table.

“I think during this election cycle, often we block out of other people's opinions,” Bailey said. “Maybe it's a good time to actually listen, to learn a little something and be open to what they have to say as opposed to goading them and trying to encourage a fight.”

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