With July 4th events canceled, sales of fireworks skyrocketing

With so many towns canceling their Fourth of July festivities, some families are taking matters into their own hands.

Sales of fireworks are skyrocketing.

Normally around Memorial Day is when business picks up at the northwest Indiana firework outlets, like Krazy Kaplans. But this year, the rush is even bigger because of all the cities and suburbs canceling their July 4th firework shows.

Meech Dillard and Lunye Hughes spent good money Wednesday at Phantom Fireworks in Merrillville, Indiana.

“We're trying to do a big fireworks show at our house and I was telling brother, ‘I want it to be like Navy Pier! Where you get that [sound effect], everybody be like, wow! Wow!’” Hughes said.

With Navy Pier's show still a question mark, Dillard and Hughes are all stocked up.

“We doing a big show,” Hughes said, adding they are ready to host a backyard fireworks show in Merrillville, with a few dozen friends.

“You gotta do your own thing now. Take it into your own hands,” Dillard said.

“We're encouraging people to come out early because we do think it's going to be an increased business year, because of the lack of municipal shows,” said Andrew Prater of Phantom Fireworks.

There is a growing list of suburbs that have already canceled their Fourth of July fireworks, including Niles, Skokie, Beecher, Carol Stream and Oak Brook.

Store managers say customers might want to come early.

“Now, you're not just going to battle people in the store, you gotta battle the line to get in,” Prater said.

Again, Chicago's downtown Fourth of July Fireworks have not officially been canceled yet. A spokesperson for Navy Pier says it is still in conversations with city officials to make a final decision.