Woman leads police on chase in ambulance

A woman who led police on a long chase in a stolen ambulance had just been released from jail, police in Oklahoma said.

Police said Dasha West took off with the ambulance last month when it was parked outside a hospital in Oklahoma City. Dash cam released this week shows the lengthy car chase and West ignoring the sirens and commands to stop.

The pursuit appears to come to an end when West pulls over, but she took off again, driving along the shoulder of the road. She finally surrenders and troopers are seen on video drawing their guns and arresting her.

While being taken to the Canadian County Jail, patrol car video shows West talking to Trooper Mat Conway, who asked her if she knew what she did wrong. He informed her she stole an ambulance and that she could get in trouble for that. "I thought that's what they wanted me to do!" she exclaims to the officer.

When she arrived at the jail, she took a smiling mug shot.

Police said West stole the ambulance four hours after being released from jail for assaulting paramedics.