Streamwood woman's treadmill fail and pantsing goes viral overnight

A Streamwood woman went viral after she posted a video of her slipping and falling on a treadmill, stripping her pants down to her ankles.

Alyssa Konkel said that she was at her usual morning workout doing cardio when she ended up falling.

"I have a couple of scrap on my knees and my shin, but they are almost healed," Konkel said.

She asked the gym for the video footage and decided to post it because she was curious how many views her tumble would get.

Her video quickly began to gain attraction, gaining millions of views overnight.

Konkel said she wasn't embarrassed about it at all and that this wasn't the first time she has wiped out on a treadmill.


"I was like 10 years old, and I was running on 10 once again, and I hit my chin. 10 years later I'm running on 10 again and I swing up and do the same thing, but my pants came off this time." Konkel said. 

Konkel said she is going to continue to use the treadmill but will not be going as fast this time.