Women in Florida can order 'owl shot' to let bartender know they're in danger

Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Bars in Florida are taking steps to help women get away from dangerous situations.

Members of a student government group came up with a clever idea for women to secretly signal to bartenders or wait staff that they need assistance. All they have to do is order a specific type of shot and help will be on the way.

Students at Florida Atlantic University worked with local bars to create a unified system for bar patrons to discreetly ask for help, CBS 12 reports. Alejandra Rodriguez, a member of the student government group, says she went door-to-door, asking local establishment if they would join the initiative.

“We haven’t had any sort of backlash with it,” she told the outlet. “It’s been pretty straightforward. Bars think it’s a great idea, and we’re really happy they want to partner up with us on this.”

The initiative has bars putting posters up in the women’s room, explaining what to order at the bar if they need help.

“Owl Shot Neat means they need an escort to their car,” Rodriguez said. “If they order Owl Shot On The Rocks, it means they need a ride called for them, however the bar chooses to do so. And Owl Shot With Lime means the student is in a potentially dangerous situation and would like the police to be called.”

The FAU group hopes to keep expanding the program.

“Student safety is a priority for us,” Rodriguez said. “We wanted to enhance student safety and we thought this was a quick and easy way to make sure that students have resources to feel safe wherever they are.”