'Workers of America are getting screwed': Trump speaks before Michigan UAW workers amid strike

Former President Donald Trump spoke at a rally before some striking UAW members in Clinton Township Wednesday.

In what felt like a campaign speech, he took aim at President Joe Biden's policies which he said has led to the current strike against the Big Three. In the slightly more than an hour speech, he talked about how he can save the auto industry, while skipping the second GOP presidential debate tonight.

"I side with auto workers of America and with those who want to make America great again, and I always will," he said.

Trump gave a shout-out to those on the front lines of Michigan’s auto industry in a crowd that included some UAW members at the otherwise non-union parts supplier Drake Enterprises.

This came one day after current President Joe Biden rallied with the UAW.

"The workers of America are getting - I’m going to put it very nicely - screwed, you're getting screwed," Trump said. "Yesterday Joe Biden posed for photos at the picket line. But it is his policies that sent Michigan autoworkers to the unemployment line.

"He only came after I announced that I would be here. He announced quite a bit later, spoke for a few seconds ... and he had absolutely no idea what he was saying. He didn't know where he was, he didn't know what he was saying, 'Where am I? Where am I?' he's saying. 'Oh you're in Michigan.' 'What do they do in Michigan?' 'They grow weed in Michigan,' he said.

Trump also questioned the leadership at the Big Three as well.

"Why is it that these big powerful car companies with guys that are making $35 million a year, immediately quit," he said. "They say 'You want electric vehicles we’ll give it to you.' When the damn things don’t go far enough - I’m not in that business but I know alot about it. They don’t go far enough."

Those attending inside and outside on both sides of Trump campaign weighed in.

"Even though everybody thinks that these negotiations and everybody thinks the strike is a big deal, in a couple years it's going to be a moot point," said one man. "Because you're not going to have jobs. I think he hit the nail on the head."

"We're here to say hell no to Donald Trump, he needs to not be in here," said one protestor outside. "People should come out to stop him from his bigoted attacks on the people of Michigan. We need the people of Michigan to stand together for immigrant rights, union rights and against Donald Trump."