Chicago store loses thousands in smash-and-grab: 'driving good business out of the community'

Tops & Bottoms is the go-to spot on Chicago’s West Side for the latest Jordan Dunks, sportswear and designer coats.

However, on Wednesday, a blue pickup truck was found inside the store when staff arrived.

"When I first heard about it, I knew it wasn’t someone from the community," said Tops & Bottoms Store Manager Ahmed Kassim.

The thieves plowed through a metal security gate at a high rate of speed Tuesday night and once inside, the manager says surveillance video shows eight to 10 people running in and out of the business stealing gym shoes, jackets and clothes.

"It’s very shocking and unbelievable. We’re really tight-knit with the community. We do food drives and clothes drives," said Kassim.

Owners estimate tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise was stolen from the store located on Madison and Pulaski in West Garfield Park. 

The area is filled with several shops and clothing stores, but it’s also no stranger to police and crime activity.

"We’re hopeful that folks are gonna stop doing this because they’re only driving good business out of the community," said 28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin.

It’s the eighth "smash and grab" this week in Chicago. Two of the incidents occurred in Ervin’s ward.  

"A metal gate is no match for a high-speed vehicle. They’re probably gonna have to look into concrete barriers for in front," said Ervin.

Police arrived on the scene as two people were still inside the business. Those two people were taken into custody. 

Charges are pending.