Wrigley Field workers push for fair contract: 'we're here to fight'

In an effort to get a new contract, hundreds of Wrigley Field workers could walk off soon.

Last week, concession workers at Wrigley Field overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike that could occur "at any moment."

On Wednesday, they took another big step towards that strike.

"We’re here to fight for what we want and what we deserve. And they know we deserve it as well, and that’s why they are fighting so hard to give it to us," said Deidre Gentle, a concession stand lead at Wrigley.

Some of the 700 Wrigley Field workers represented by Unite Here Local 1 are preparing to go on strike, including Gentle.

She and others had one message for Compass Levy as negotiations continue.

"We’re here to fight for what we want, and we’re going to get it," said Gentle. 

Workers want a $20 per hour minimum, expanded health care coverage and a pension.

This is similar to what their counterparts have at Guaranteed Rate Field and the United Center.

In a statement sent to Fox 32, Compass Levy says it's baffled by Unite Here Local 1’s decision to turn down its current offer, saying in part:

"This proposal includes immediate wage increases up to 30%, with non-tipped positions earning at least $20 per hour, as well as the introduction of an additional tip guarantee for tipped positions. It also includes significantly expanded healthcare, and enhanced benefits."

"We want the pension; they are straight up not trying to give it to us and that is one of the things that we are really standing for. Because people who have worked here for numerous amount of years deserve that," said Gentle. 

Gentle says a contract will attract more people to want to work full-time at Wrigley Field.

Compass Levy says if a strike occurs, plans are in place to continue food and beverage service.