14-year-old signs one-day contract with Chicago Sky

A little girl is chasing her big dreams.

Lamia Young, 14, signed a one-day contract to hoop it up with the WNBA’s Chicago Sky. But this may not be the last time we see her in action.

"We want to sign you to a contract to make you an official member of the Chicago Sky,” head coach James Wade told Young.

Young was selected to be player of the day. She will be sitting on the sidelines during Friday night’s game against the LA Sparks and hanging out in the team's locker room.

There was even a press conference to announce her signing.

"Thanks mom for supporting me and being there for me all the time and I would say the same to my dad,” Young said.

Young is a diabetes patient at La Rabida Children's Hospital. This is the fifth year for the special program.

"We recognize her as someone that's sacrificed and that's persevered through things and we appreciate her doing that and appreciate her being here,” Wade said.