Aaron Rodgers gives answer on whether he'd ever play for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers will meet Sunday at noon at Soldier Field for another rivalry game.

It’s a big game considering it could possibly be Aaron Rodgers last time as a Packer playing at Soldier Field.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Rodgers opened up about Chicago, saying he respects the fans and enjoys the city.

He also provided an answer on whether he would every play for the Bears, should his time as a Packer come to an end after this season.

Regarding the fans, Rodgers said, "I mean I don’t think they’re extremely happy with me, they’re not very cordial most of the time, but I respect that … It’s a great sports town, they got two baseball teams, as basketball team that I grew up cheering for. I don’t know how it was for you guys, but when I was growing up one of the few channels we had on TV was WGN. So you got to watch Cubs baseball and some Bulls basketball games for whatever reason. So I naturally became a fan, cause I was a big sports fan and that was the only thing that was on TV. For years, when we’d play down there, the night before I’d go on a long walk and often walk to dinner, Mastro’s, is where I went to dinner for years and years and years in a row. And on one of those walks, a random mom and son, even though I was all bundled up, wearing a sweatshirt cause it’s freezing, and a winter hat and stuff, they recognized me and we walked for I don’t know four or five blocks together. So that was a nice chance meeting. But I’ve always enjoyed the city, enjoyed the fans, even though they haven’t really enjoyed me. It’s fine. I get it. Maybe there’ll be a little more love when my time comes to an end playing here. But I do have a lot of respect for the city and the sports fans they got there."

When asked if he could see himself playing for the Bears one day, Rodgers said, "No. No. (Hard no?) It’s just not gonna happen man," Rodgers told the reporter.

After the video of Rodgers surfaced on Twitter, a teenage boy claims he was the kid that Rodgers walked with that one night in Chicago.

The teen posted on Twitter: "Im the kid that he met and I walked around with him. Cant believe he still remembers me. Respect."

The teen then changed his profile picture to the photo he took with Rodgers that night in Chicago.

As for the rivalry game this weekend, given where they were a few weeks ago, the Bears’ odds of grabbing a share of the NFC North lead seemed about as long as a Hail Mary pass. But back-to-back wins have them in position to do just that. The problem is they’re facing a big obstacle with Rodgers and the Packers standing in their way. The Bears will try to clear it and move into a first-place tie with Green Bay when they host their rival Sunday.